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Day at the Boardwalk

Chiara came in last night. We watched The Machinist, which was a weird, dark film. Christian Bale thinned himself down horrifically, but acted quite well and had a good script behind him. Fell asleep together on the couch.

Today we got up, went out for brunch at Walnut Cafe, then to the Boardwalk! Spent a good four hours riding from ride to ride, until I started to feel a little dehydrated and oversunned. We started walking to Pacific Ave. to go to Saturn, but Chiara's sandals were biting her feet. I got the car and drove us there. We ate like kings at Saturn, which was weird for Chiara because it's a vegetarian place. All was cool when we ordered the vegan milkshake, though! Lactard heaven! Yay!

Went back to the Boardwalk, enjoyed a few more rides, and then I came home to send Chiara off and have a house meeting with the subletters and new coopers. Nothing serious, just household junk like chores and TP and other such little things of life.
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