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Quick recap of the weekend...

Just organizing the past few days so that I can fill in a few backdated entries...

Thursday the 7th: went to class, caught up on some back lj's, then came home with a huge headache, drank water, napped, drank more water, napped more, drank more water, did my chores, drove to SF to see Chiara!

Friday the 8th: slept in late with Chiara, then went to the Y to watch her work for a little bit. Was going to work out, no shoes, or swim, no lanes open, so I read, er, programmed a little ;-) Then we checked out the Moroccan restaurant, which had a veggie item, and had plans to go shopping but ended up back in bed for a while. We got dolled up really, really nicely to go to dinner and as it turned out when I ordered the one veggie item on the menu, the guy asked me if I wanted the whole five courses vegetarian and if eggs were ok! Awesome!

Saturday the 9th: got up way, way, way fucking early and drove to Fremont for Chiara's Dragon Boat races. It was awesome! Chiara's dad, Fred, came to watch, too. We spent a good two hours shooting the breeze between heats and I had fun talking to him. I'm sure that Chiara figured we were talking about her the whole time... but that's totally not true! We only talked about her about a quarter of the time we were talking :-P I got to stay for the team BBQ, which was awesome, and met a few people who were less active on the team because they're at UCSC. They didn't have any leads on DB teams in Santa Cruz, though. Sad. Perhaps I'll try out for Chiara's team just for the summer? In the afternoon Chiara finished packing for Palm Desert and then I drove her to the airport. 30 delay on the flight taking off, so we had a little time to chill before hitting the road. We got to the airport cutting the time really close, but there was another 30 minute delay due to fog over SFO. Phew. Spent the night at my parents' house.

Sunday the 10th: worked on the kitchen a little bit with my dad. Worked on servers a lot with my brother on speakerphone. Main projects were: replacing a faulty IDE cable in one server, upgrading the router from OpenBSD 3.5 to 3.7, and doing some system maintenance on all of those machines. I didn't get a chance to finish moving the main server over to its RAID root. Gotta do that soon. Spent the afternoon planning to go bowling with Phil, Charlie, ChrisP and Dave. Playing video games while talking about bowling. And talking seriously with Chris about college vs. work and life and whatnot. Met my parents and sister for dinner at Fresh Choice.

Monday the 11th: tried for bowling again, but as we got to the lanes, four hundred thousand small children in identical summer camp tshirts debussed and headed into the alley. Back at Charlie's house now, playing video games with Charlie, Phil, Chris and Robin. Robin's going to MIT to get a PhD in uber-smart shit. I'd say he's the absolute smartest and most down to earth guy I've ever met. Much luck to him. Trying to play Worms on my computer through WINE. Somehow I don't see this working. So much LJ chillage ;-)
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