Aaron (sodabrew) wrote,


Sarah dragged me out to see a movie yesterday. My dad was nice enough to call me up and yell at me that I didn't have the energy to see a movie. I laughed at him, but he was serious!

We saw Bewitched. It was cute. The premise was cuter than the movie, though, which could have done a lot more and didn't. They wanted to keep it 90 minutes I guess, but it was already a PG-13 movie because it deals with witchcraft so I figured they should have gone for two hours and done some interesting stuff. Meh. The big problem I had was that they didn't really let Nicole Kidman out of the cute-but-harmless box she started out in -- being determined to give up witchcraft allowed her to be super naive about the "real world" for a little while. But more than an hour of it was just painful to watch. The supposed "wake up and smell the coffee" scene really didn't lead to an increased stage presence as it should have. For shame. But it showed that Nicole Kidman can do comedy, and was pretty good with Will Ferrell.

Went out for pizza, then got coffee on the sidewalk on University Ave.
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