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Went bowling today with Phil, Charlie and ChrisP. I bowled a 113. Not too shabby. Four strikes and a spare, but I blew each of them by following up with duds. But now I have the power of free bowling everyday between 9-5. Muhahaha.

Bought a set of cordless phones at Fry's. Floor models, closeouts. Uniden 5885 models, which are super hefty and sturdy and can network up like eight handsets and base-stations with magic roaming and next-free-line hunting. It'll be nice to actually have a frickin' phone that I can find at my parents' house until the remodeling is done and the real phone system is put together.

I missed a penicillin dose today, though, what with being out for so long. Oops. Staying up late to space a fourth dose out about two hours since the belated third dose.

Downloaded some Linkin Park so that I'd feel less stupid when Chiara's talking about them. Much to Phil's chagrin because he thinks they suck. I think they're pretty good -- but I kinda like rock, alternative and rap, which they sorta fuse for themselves. Not too shabby.
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