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I've been thinking for a while about rehabilitating my Palm V. It's had a broken button for the longest time, which caused the battery to go kaput, and now I can't find a charging base for it. So I'm thinking about finding a USB charging base on eBay and getting the little doobob back up and running.

I wonder what it does these days that my phone won't, besides keep sync with my computer without jumping through Verizon's sync loopholes of death...

While I'm at it, I'd like to get a new eBook. My old RocketBook cannot sync with anything other than the old ReB software. But the RCA / Gemstar 1100 was given a final firmware update before the company died that opened its formats. Syncs with Linux. Is good. Looks like I can get one for under $100 on eBay or Amazon's used shops.

Before anybody mentions to me about all sorts of new gadgets out there, I have only one trump card: battery life. If it lasts less than a full day's use, it's useless.
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