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Making like the Mario Brothers

Yesterday I woke up at 4:30 AM. Why, I do not know. But I did. And I was prepared to take over the world. Until everyone else woke up, I wrote a bunch of code that's been on my mind for more than a year. It's settled. I wrote it. It's good code. I love the API I finally made for my libSieve project. I still have to write some of the glue code. With luck I won't find any stupid corner cases that require me to redesign my bombtacular API.

Then everyone woke up. I had taken a break at like 7 AM and gone to stand in the kitchen. I stared at the wall where the gas range is going to go. I decided that not only was it stupid to cut a hole in the granite backslash that's going on that entire wall for electrical outlets smack in the middle of the wall behind the stove, it's also stupid to cut a hole in the granite for a big ugly plastic door that conceals an even uglier water cut-off valve. See, there's a really shiny chrome "pot-filler" faucet over the stove area. It's so that you can fill up a ginormous pot of water without messing around with your dirty dishes in the sink.

So there's already plans underway to move the outlets. There had been plans to put a microwave-fan-hood thing over the stove, but now it's just a fan hood. Microwave is elsewhere. So we don't need those outlets. They're gonna get moved. But the cut-off valve was another thing entirely. I declared that I wanted to cut holes in the wall and move it to below the cabinets.

My parents were glad that I wasn't dying of strep from hell and that cutting holes in walls sounded like a much better option that the aforementioned dying of strep from hell. My dad and I proceeded to make plans to make surgical incisions into the wall, slice and dice the pipe to make room for a different valve, and place a repair fitting over the gap left by the valve being removed.

So we sawed and hacked and torched the pipes. Turned on the water. One of the joints that had been uncooperative about taking solder into the seam indeed had no solder in the seam. The good news is that the new valve worked great, so we just shut off the water at the new valve and left the water to the house on. Went to sleep.

Today we got a late start on four hours of fighting the angry repair fitting to get it off the pipes, clean the pipes again, flux the shit out of it, shove the repair fitting back on, then solder it to never-gonna-leak land. Nailed it on the first retry. Works great. Turned on the water under the cabinet, everything happy.

Now I'm in my room chillaxing for a while. My dad put drywall back over the spot where we cut in, and cut a new piece of drywall to cover where the old handle was. He really like drywall repairs and is quite good at them. It took some coaxing to convince him not to bother doing an artsy job. One patch is going to be behind a cabinet. The other patch is going to be behind a 3/4" thick sheet of granite. Ya just don't gotta worry about a super nice drywall job. Seriously.

I just don't know where I get my perfectionist streak from. Any clues out there?
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