Aaron (sodabrew) wrote,

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Santa Cruz Daze

I'm down in Santa Cruz for the night. Tomorrow I have to do some bank paperwork with my housemates and some cleanup around the place. One housemate has been totally holding down the fort, but the place is still a bit of a disaster. Seems to be the pattern every summer; too many subletters, too little cleaning. Honestly, though, it's not that bad -- I mainly just don't want the one housemate holding down the fort to feel like she's the only person who cares.

Tonight's big discovery: I can't make the washer or dryer act up on me. Everyone else says that the washer leaks and the dryer blows the fuse. Both work great for me. *confuzzled* They even put up a friggin' clothes line in back rather than trying the dryer a few more times, or, *gasp* calling me! Not that I mind not being called; it's cool when people figure things out for themselves. But a clothes line? Dude. I'm laughing on the inside.
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