Aaron (sodabrew) wrote,

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Wonderful weekend in SF

Spent a wonderful weekend in San Francisco! Saturday night I carpooled from SC to SF with Sarah, dropped her off, said goodbye (she's going off to seminary now. oy.) and then went over to Chiara's. Major chillage with Chiara from Saturday night until just this Tuesday morning :-D

On Monday, while Chiara had school and work, I visited Sarah to pick up some leftover stuff that she's not taking with her, and then went to visit Shush and Aaron to deliver some of their stuff from SC that I stuffed in my trunk. They told me what was theirs of the stuff in the garage, and I'll probably bring up the rest of it on my next trips to the city. Sure, I'm being really nice, but I get to use the space in the garage when I move their crap out ;-)
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