May 30th, 2005


CoOp Transition Sleepover

Last night we had all of the new people we accepted into the Co-Op over for dinner, then we walked to the beach, and then we had a sleepover. In the morning we made a HUGE breakfast brunch and then we had... a MEETING! Really nice folks. Lots of goodness. At least one could not figure out why her lease would begin July 1 if she isn't moving in till September 25. I asked when she thought the lease should end, to which she replied, "Next September, duh!" I asked if she would be in Santa Cruz for next summer -- "No, I never stay for the summer." So I asked what the difference between this summer and next summer was. Silence. Confusion. Mutual head explosion.

Two or three other people were like, "When can I sign a contract? I don't want this to fall through." I was much relieved at their professionalism, but stressed because I haven't done the contracts yet. My dad asked if he could help. I gave him the 5 points we need, and told him ONE PAGE AND NOTHING MORE. He came back with three pages of tight legal bindings. Damn lawyers.