June 16th, 2005


Linguistics advising

Went to see my Linguistics advisor this morning to see where I'm at in the major and if I can take one of the new capstone courses instead of the comp or a thesis. I got an email a few weeks ago with a brief overview of some of this new capstone program, and saw that one of the courses I can take for exit is Phonology II. Well, isn't that interesting, I took an incomplete in PhonoII and let it lapse, thus leaving me with an F and the need to repeat the course. Kill two birds with one Stone, I say!

So anyways, we were going over my Ling major worksheet and updated it to include everything I've done so far. And, oddly enough, my advisor starting writing in the grades I got in each of the classes, too. All A's and B's. Then the quarter of hell: two C's and the lapsed I. Have I been stuck there ever since? Have I been beating my head against a wall at UCSC for no reason? For an entire year now!?

In retrospect, the job I took last summer might really have been a bad idea. It was good money, but it was also a lot of stress and didn't really let me decompress enough to get back on the horse. I was only in school for Winter and Spring quarters this year, but they were both academic hell.
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