June 29th, 2005


Essay and Garden and Chiara

Worked on my Music of Modern Israel essay. Came outside for a break to find that Carrie had been working on the compost bin, and so I helped out with it. She'd done a really nice job adding 2 more sides to the compost bin, and I helped add the last portion, which we sort of had to freebuild. I busted out the saw and power drill. Carrie's fun to work with! And she likes to do projects around the house! Yay!

Chiara came around 7:30. We went for dinner about 9. How time flies when you're... Anyways, we were talking about restaurants that we might want to go to, and I was thinking about someplace with beer. Seabright Brewery didn't have any normal style chicken on their menu, which Chiara was in the mood for, so we went downtown to 99 Bottles. Which was packed. So we walked across the street to Rosie McCann's. It was quiet and romantically lit and the food was awesome. Went home, exhausted one another for a while. Slept, woke up, exhausted again, slept, woke up, little more, then Chiara hit the road for work and I went to class.
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