July 29th, 2005


Shot in the ass

The penicillin I got early last week ended up a failure. Damn resistant bacteria. The strep was getting steadily worse until I went back to urgent care yesterday and the doctor (same lady as I had last time) took one look and said, "Wow! This is WAY worse than last week!" The good news is that I didn't have any abcesses or anything gnarly like that. Just a garden variety killer penicillin resistant bacteria.

The doctor prescribed not one, but two antibiotics: a 10 day course of clindamycin, and and wait-for-the-nurse-then-drop-your-pants shot of something way strong in the ass. Way strong like the normal dose is 250mg but she prescribed 1g. The shot even had lidocaine built in!

But I'm much better now. The bacteria are back to being killed en-masse. Yummy.
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