August 17th, 2005


Longer todo list

More things on my todo list:

- My two I's. Oy.
- Sound unification article
- Diversity of apps article
- Proposal to UCSC Media Services regarding permanent video uplinks from college venues. Student Media has the funding, Media Services has the know-how and maintenance people. There's gotta be a deal we can work out to everyone's benefit.
- libSieve 2.1.8 testsuite. I have to go through all of the stupid drafts and figure out which ones are current, which ones libSieve already supports, and what all of their actions are.
- Start talking to the Sieve INCLUDE draft guys, ask why it isn't being renewed. Point out that I have a working implementation that they can model after :-D
- Rewrite of libSieve interface to DBMail. Would be nice to stuff it into DBMail 2.0.6.
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