August 22nd, 2005


First day of school

My sister is in high school now. I can't believe it. And I still know hella students there because of my robotics mentoring. She's already taken a liking to hanging out in the engineering lab, and everybody who's met her is like, "you look familiar..." yeah man, because her two older brothers built half of the engineering lab ;-)

I spent most of the afternoon hanging out with Doug, catching up on how he's doing and what's happening at Paly. He looks really good. New girlfriend, and I think the divorce must be settled. Very not-stressed-out. I haven't seen Doug look that calm in a couple of years, come to think of it. I hope it lasts through the rest of the school year!

Sadly, I searched everywhere for backups of my pictures that used to be on the server I managed from 2000 - 2003, when the school district kicked out all of the tech volunteers, but didn't find them. I made images of a couple drives that have since been reformatted, and took home three others to make images of and bring back next week, but so far no luck getting any jpeg files to magically appear.
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Uninvited wedding

I'm officially a wedding crasher. In fact my whole family is! The story is that in our congregation, most invitations go out by email to the congregation mailing list. Everyone's invited to everything, so it's the best way to get the word out, and it's free. Apparently not the case with this wedding. The emails went out to a select list, but without indication that they were select. So the invitees were asking people if they were going and what gifts they were bringing and so on. But some people hadn't been invited, and so they're like, "what wedding?" -- well, one of our family friends didn't know this, and so she kept asking my mom about the wedding and my mom was like, "my husband probably just zapped it. he hardly pays attention to all of these events." and our friend forwarded the invite to us. *well* the bride looked at me and said, "I don't know you!" and so we were introduced. Totally cool. But now I know that she must have been quite surprised to see people she didn't know.

We ended up bringing what was probably their best gift, and left with four huge trays of amazing leftover food. Not bad for not being invited ;-)

The one big downside is that Chiara wanted me to come up to SF but I was just way too tired at 11pm after hours of weddingness.
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