August 23rd, 2005


Lunch at the CCSF hospitality restaurant

So CCSF has a hospitality school. And the hospitality school has a restaurant. So Chiara has a friend named Victoria. And Victoria is a Junior at CCSF in their hospitality program. Today she started her job at the restaurant.

I ate the most amazingest avocado, mango, seitan salad ever. Superbissimo. I have to try making one of those for myself! And it was cheap! Just $6.75 for vegan food! I'm not a vegan, but that's cheap for such goodness, man. Desert was stellar, too.
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More BS with Student Media

So UCSC's Student Media ruined my SCTV website by converting it from PHP to HTML and killing the interactive backend. I only found out because the new station manager emailed me a list of things to fix. I went to fix them, couldn't log in, then noticed the site's engine was removed. He fired off an email to the director of student media complaining that neither he nor I was notified of the changeover. In response, she said:

- Yes we did tell SCTV.
- SCTV got a survey asking what technology needs it had.
- We were told to make the changeover ourselves, but we didn't, so we have to pay their tech guy $18.
- And the kicker: it sounds like Aaron has been purposely witholding and manipulating information in order to get the station manager to write the email complaining about the website instead.

This is now the second time she's been personally nasty to me after a tech decision was made that negatively affected one of the organizations I've been involved in and I complained that the decision negatively affected us and we really needed the old systems that were working perfectly for us.

I'm so sick of this.
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