August 31st, 2005


Zuchini and Bananas

The Zuchini in our garden is HUGE. I don't mean like Safeway big size vs. typically small organic size. Oh no. And these are organically grown. Huge like the size of Arnold's arms back when he was actually worth going to the movies to see. There was that time, right? Well, pretend like there was. And that's how huge our zuchini are!

Yesterday Carrie tried out a zuchini sandwich recipe and made us both sandwiches. I thought they were absolutely phenominal, but I found out this morning that Carrie thought it had too much pepper. So I snatched her leftovers and had them for lunch. One person's too spicy is my just right ;-)

Dorian's bananas were heading towards badness this week, which of course means that they're perfect for banana bread. So I made some. Whole wheat flour, brown sugar, olive oil, dark chocolate chips. Carrie and I are in heaven with this thing; we're both into dark flavors like that.
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