September 10th, 2005


Three papers down, four to go.

I finished three papers this week. They were short, but they're done. Next up I have to finish two more short papers, one middle length paper, and then start on an 8-10 pager that I just don't want to deal with. Grumblesigh.

In between not doing as much work on my papers as I could have, I wrote a LOT of code this week! Yay me! Of course, it would be less stressful if I did the papers first and then the code, but I know my work habits, and productivity on *something* always trumps absurd priorities like dumb papers for GE classes.
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    Santa Cruz 103.9, for lack of anything better.

Adventures in 280

Came up to SF this evening on 280. Managing to follow 280 past 19th Ave, I got off at Geneva, got back on 280 South, missed Hwy 1, got off at John Daly and got out my Trusty Map (TM). Took Daly to Lake Merced, came up behind SFSU, and then got onto Sunset Blvd. From there I knew the way and to Chiara's I arrived.
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