September 14th, 2005


And today was much better than yesterday.

Today's ResNet training was actually pretty interesting. After dispensing with a repeat of all the same things from yesterday afternoon, and eating lots of cheese that was very sadly cramped between unidentifiable meats, some of the core network people came to talk about botnets. Pretty neat talk about how they detect when large chunks of campus computers have been taken over by IRC bots and crazy stuff like that. I then asked for an overview of the campus network topology and the backbones we connect to. A few people groaned, but the network guys lit up and had a great time talking about it, and lots of people were asking neat questions about how thinks hook up.

I pigeonholed them in the hallway as they left and asked lots of SCTV-related stuff about where and how we might go about doing streaming video to the campus and to the Internet at large. Also asked if there was an ITS policy against PHP, as folks in Student Media are claiming. Best response all day, "PHP's in use all over the campus. That's total bullshit if somebody told you there's a policy against it."
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    KZSC, even though it's sounding really college-radio dead-air style this month.