September 18th, 2005


Shitty and not Shitty.

Shitty: finding out that the reason we haven't seen the stupid mouse in our kitchen is because it moved behind my bed. Shitty: finding out that the genteel neighborhood cat we'd been taking care of for almost two months was run over in the street outside our house. Shitty: discovering a fraudulent charge on my VISA card and having to get it cancelled and re-issued, leaving me without easy access to cash or Amazon for my textbooks.

Not shitty: big fatty financial aid package. Not shitty: making the 20 my bitch at the corner of Delaware and Surfside. Not shitty: Carrie's 21st b-day last night, partying at Hillel, party hopping with eight chicks until we found one only five blocks away so I could park my car and get wasted. Not shitty: getting really shitty last night :-)
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