September 23rd, 2005


Thursday good, Friday bad

So I'm sitting in this macro econ class today, and the prof is going through the litany of ways in which he's going to fuck us for not cutting each other's throats or abiding by the tight restrictions of the weird ass online textbook homework thing he's using. Bah.

Thursday's classes rocked my world. I may have to crash a different IS course than this shit. And I really want to sit in on Hindi 1, which is at the same time as Econ 2. Grr.
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AEPi party

The AEPi party got broken up at 10:30 pm! It was a cowboys and indians theme. So I brought my leather riding crop. A few people figured out that it was part of my cowboy theme. A few others gave me slightly more knowing looks ;-) My housemate Laura's friend Tali turned out to be quite in the know. She wants to major in Human Sexuality Education. Nice.

So at 10:30 we all piled into my car and drove to Saturn for a ridiculously silly drunken dinner. Big sleepover at the coop because I sure wasn't driving up to campus.
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