September 28th, 2005


60 emails and it's only one pm.

It's one pm. I'm sitting in class and reading my email. 60 messages so far. Five more can in during the first half hour of class. Of the 60, only 15 were spam. Cripes.

Yoga kicked ass this morning. There's three guys and two dozen girls. Sadly, I was half an hour late. Funny, I was totally in street clothes because Tai Chi was taught in street clothes, but everyone in Yoga was in nice excercise gear. Heh. Uh. Time to go shopping. I need some sexy excercise clothes!

Last night Monica made me come over her place to fix her computer. She's a coworker of mine at ResNet. Good thing they're paying her to fix computers but she can't fix her own. Then Christine called me to go out drinking for her friend Janae's 21st birthday. We went to dollar drink night at the Blue Lagoon. There were SO many people there! We stumbled back to Janae's place downtown, hung out for like an hour or two, then I drove Christine to her new place.

Ar. is going to be my new housemate, and I tagged the notepad on his door. Turns out he lives down the hall from Janae. Well, for the rest of the week, at least.

New rule for self, as of last night; when friends call to go out and do something, say yes! Even if I do have a 12 hour day today. Because I'll only be 23 once, and I already blew 19-22. So fuck it.
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