October 2nd, 2005


When in doubt, Mervyn's

So, lacking yoga clothes on Wednesday, I skipped Yoga on Friday, lest I go in my pajamas, and went to Mervyn's today. For $100, I got: four solid color t shirts, two mesh workout shirts, two workout shorts, two workout pants. I almost got a leather jacket, too, but I only had $40 cash and a $62 gift card.

Gave Kelly and Josh a ride to Nice Jewish Girls Gone Bad, gave Christine a ride to the Greyhound station. Ate dinner at home with Yonah that Laura and Eric made. Turned down a party invite by Yohki to the Pink House because I need a night off. Chillaxing and reading a book.

Totally forgot that it's Rosh Hashanah on Monday night, so I need to get my Ling homework done and emailed beforehand.
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    Pearl Jam - Ten (whole album)