October 6th, 2005


Coffee shop studying

Today was really nice. I woke up at Christine's, rode my bike to the shuttle, got up to campus, turned in my pragmatics homework, went to yoga and stretched the crap out of my legs, then rode home and worked on the hot tub and took a nap.

My SCTV meeting tonight was really short! Shortest ever! One hour! I have a few projects to work on, but nothing majorly stressful right now. Thank goodness.

Went to the science library to study with Christine, Yohki and Yonah. It's super nice in there! How did I not know about studying there!? After a while, we picked up Arash and went out to get Thai. Then dropped Yonah off at home and the four of us went out to Cafe Pergolesi and then Lulu Carpenter's to study some more. I had a really great chai at Pergolesi and a really great hot chocolate at Lulu's. Spent my tenth-drink-free card on getting Yohki a hot chocolate, too, as a bride to keep her out studying with us for another hour.
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Mmm pragmatics

Sorry I'm late today...
     (a) my car broke down.
     (b) my tractor broke down.
     (c) my firetruck broke down.

Presupposition accomodation: when someone says something that you might find a little different from normal, like maybe they live on a farm or something, but not so weird that you say, "Hey, wait, that's weird. Do you seriously own a firetruck!?"
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