October 28th, 2005


Grad school?

Synchronicity is a funny thing. Two weekends ago, at UCSC Preview Day, where high school kids come to check out the university, I found myself talking to a CE professor about my failing attempt to double major in Linguistics and Computer Science, and how I really had wanted to do something cool like "Computational Linguistics". Well, he says, "Why not just do a Master's degree?" I'm not sure how far my jaw dropped, or how confused I looked, but he went on to sell me on the idea. Ok, fine.

Then, last week, I got an email from the Core Network Services Group at UCSC. I pigeonholed a few of the guys back at the ResNet training to talk about SCTV's streaming video options. They remembered me and they're looking for "a student with the technical chops" to work for them. The interview is on Wednesday. The kicker? One of the projects they're interested in me working on "could have a senior/master's level thesis associated with it". Ok, wow. Creepy cool.
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