November 1st, 2005


A little study here an there

Somehow, amazingly, I got my Ling paper done today. In class. And, because last night was Halloween, most of the class was really lethargic. I typed my butt off, finished the paper, and uploaded it to the campus sever. We got a 5 minute break in the middle due to the major lethargy. So I ran to the computer lab, printed my paper, ran back, turned it in, sat down at the end of the break, nobody looked twice. I also picked up my homeworks 2-4. Grades ranged from B- to A-, not too shaby, but I'd really like an A in this class. Two homeworks and a final paper remaining.

I know a special someone who might be reading this, and I'd just like to say, because somehow in person it always gets lost in the shuffle... I need more study time! Ah! Less cramping on Aaron's homework time! Please!
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