November 6th, 2005


I'd be in the money

If I did the following, soon:

- FreeBSD image for the Soekris in under 128MB, including data space.
- Sieve support for DBMail. So here's what I need to do:
- Get DBMail to compile against the latest libSieve done 11/6/05
- Rewrite the callback / action list portions of DBMail started 11/7/05
- Test, test, test.
- libSieve releases
- Hunt through the new RFC's, get up to date.
- Hunt through the new drafts, get up to date.

I needed to post this one to get it out of the way so that I can post about the Shabbaton!

A reply to my xoxo...

Just got back from the Shabbaton, and I'm at Tamar's place because Tamar was driving and she wanted to stay in SF for the night rather than drive the whole way back to SC at horrible o'clock in the evening. So Tamar, Yonah and I spent last night hanging out with Shush and Aaron, and Dorian was up here, and we meet three of Shush and Dorian's friends from SFSU.

Meanwhile, hopping online to check in with the real world, I read this:

xoxoandxoxo's xanga: ... feeling lost and hurt. posted friday nov. 4 at 12:30 am

I'm trying to add a comment to said xanga, but xanga sucks almost as bad as myspace because it's failing to work in Mozilla. So my comment here, is that I'm terribly confused. At 12:30 AM two days ago, Christine was sleeping over at my place. She had just come back from a sorority event, and we were going to study and then sleep and then study some more for her computer science quiz. Ok the study went really well. The quiz went pretty well, too! The sleep went well, since we were both honestly really tired and thus slept like rocks. So perhaps the sorority thing didn't go well? I think that would make sense. Was Yohki kinda upset too? I don't remember.

Christine's misadventures in Greek life have left her with a bunch of feeling about how "the grass is greener on the other side" -- that the other sororities that she was looking at would have been so much better for her, would have had less drama, have such cooler people, etc. Maybe, I say. Maybe. A slim maybe. The grass always looks greener on the other side. Who knows what happens in the meetings of those other sororities. Who knows what happens all the normal days when they're not partying or looking pretty. I have a guess: same drama, same drama.
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Israel Shabbaton

Wow the Israel Shabbaton was great! Only one little thing sucked, and I'm going to get that off my chest first. We broke up for the annual Knesset activity, where you go with a group and get a real party's platform and make a little skit to introduce everyone to the party. One of the leaders of the group I was in with the UCSC and Sonoma folks decided to use the opportunity to give a stupid, pointless, useless, 15 minute waste of time speech on how "leadership means really doing something." La de fucking da. Thanks, asshole. Can we get back to not looking stupid in front of everyone by having an actual skit instead of just reading the fucking party platform to the whole group? No? So we look dumb? Ok, thanks. Anyways, everything else about the Shabbaton rocked my socks, and I'm really happy I went.

Walker Creek Ranch is owned by the Marin County Education Office. Pretty neat. But it's in upper bumblefuck. Somewhere between Novato and Petaluma, and then over a hill on a dirt road. I was carsick both ways from that last 15 miles off the big roads. The food there is great, the accomodations are very nice, the scenery is fabulous, the staff is professional and courteous.

Ok, more to come on this one later. Going back to sleep.