November 9th, 2005


Eating bridge

Good idea: taking the bike trailer to school. Bad idea: making a graceful turn onto a slightly damp, slightly muddy Kresge bridge. Result: eating bridge. Lots of people asked if I was OK. I'm OK, thank goodness, just a little muddy on the knee and elbow.
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    Sounds of studying in Jacks' Lounge.

An old todo list

I found an old todo list today, from sometime back over this summer. Dunno. Here it is:

- Sound article Switched from oss2jack, which was weird, over to dmix, which is funky.
- Diversity article What was this?
- Mike Veglia & video proposal I made the pitch, but the details wouldn't work out.
- Student Media has the funding
- Media Services runs the equipment
- permanent uplink installations at each location
- Clear my I's in 80I and 80J. Oy. Still gotta do this. Quick style. Crapola.
- libSieve 2.1.7 release done
- Include draft renewal done
- Get Sieve into DBMail. Working on it, finally. Compiles now!