November 16th, 2005



It's such a beautiful day. And I was done with classes, and no homework due tomorrow. Went over to Christine's, declared, "It's time to go to the beach," and she proceeded to light up, and started tearing through her closet to find the right bikini. Hopped in my car, dropped by my house to get a swimsuit, and headed up Highway 1. I keep wishing I remembered where Hole in the Wall Beach is, so I need to go look that up. But I went to another beach that's easy to get to, almost nobody there. Went out on the sand, laid down on our towels, and took a deep breath. Stated at each other. Held hands. I'm really happy with Christine!

Now she did complain a bit about the beach. It's off the beaten path. It's got some birdie poo on it. Why not just go to the Boardwalk!? Christine started to answer that herself by playfully untying her top. I said go for it, the last time I was at this beach, there were people bathing topless, sunny side up. This time, there was an older couple playing nude in the waves. I hopped on Christine's back, and started massaging. Up, down, left, right. Christine's stress is in her mid-shoulders and lumbar area. Mine's usually in my lower shoulders. We joked about all the things we could do on a beach this empty... and I massaged lower, lower, lower...

The sun started to go down, and the nude couple packed up to leave. Christine dared me to go run into the ocean nude. I dared her back. Game on. I untied her bottom, tossed my suit at her, grabbed her arms and ran for the waves. We got about calf-deep, horsed around, then ran back up the beach. Packed up, drove back to my house, and jumped in the shower. I need to do this more often.
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