November 18th, 2005


Old friends

Ran into Rebecca today at Baskin. She's in grad school now, after taking a year off. No more ring, and she has a new boyfriend. I noticed like right away when I saw her at Porter a few weeks ago, but there wasn't much time to talk. I told her that I still remember my first time coming to Santa Cruz, going with her and Masha to the Boardwalk... in like 1999 or 2000. Masha was trying to set me up with her, and there was some chemistry, though it didn't really stick. The sort of person you meet and like to hang out with, and maybe there'd be more if the alignment of the moon and the stars was right, but being not, it stays as friendly acquaintance.

Oh, I owe Rebecca another first: first college party. Corner of Storey and Escalona. A house full of Jews, great party, good drinking, good dancing. And I ran into Ezrat, whom I hadn't seen since the fourth grade. No wait, seventh grade Sunday school. In Ohio. She graduated a year or two ago, too, pre-med. Never did really catch up with Ezzie, though, she was always studying madly whenever I saw her at Stevenson or Lulu's. Funny thing. Sort of like how I was that last two years. How it does go around.
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