November 20th, 2005


Thanksgiving with friends

Heather, Shush, Curtis and Aaron hosted a Thanksgiving with friends at their place in Daly City last night. Cooked for like 3 hours yesterday, making way way more food than I needed to bring, and was an hour late to be ready to drive up to SF, but all was well. Tamar and I carpooled in Maggie's car, and we got there with plenty of time to change into nice clothes, finish baking, have a few drinks, meet Curtis' friends, and get down to some serious chowing. I had really missed spending time with Shush and Tamar and Heather. And Maggie's so darn cool, man. Had a good talk with Heather's friend Christine, which was neat because we hadn't really stopped to talk past some pleasantries last year.

This morning we had plans to go running in a race in the Presidio, but we just couldn't get up and out the door quickly enough. So we went to the Presidio anyways, and ran along the beach at Crissy Field. Everyone thought it was like a mile run, and I was like, "No way, at least 1 and a half or two miles..." but really I was thinking it was at least two miles at that point. But not so, I just checked the map. About a mile and a half. Then we ran back, so like a 3 mile run this morning. Which is good, just about the 5K that we missed.

After the run, went to Tamar's house for lunch and showers, but we just had lunch and talked for a while. Tamar's family is awesome, and man I forgot how much fun it used to be talking with Tamar and Heather at the dinner table. And Maggie's so darn cool, man. Dropped Heather off at work, and drove back to Santa Cruz on Highway 1. I totally passed out after Pacifica and woke up again at Davenport. Tamar shoved her jacket under my head just as it was falling off the chair, and what a perfect nap it was. Too bad I missed Highway 1, though :-( I'll just have to drive it again sometime soon :-)
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