December 16th, 2005


Griffin toys

My Griffin radioSHARK and PowerMate arrived today from Amazon. They're the best and only products on the market that do the stuff that they do, so I sort of took a deep breath and said, "Someone out there has got these working on their Linux box..."

Lo and behold, it is true. The PowerMate is supported by Gizmo Daemon and the radioSHARK is even better than that: it's two usb-audio interfaces and a usb-hid interface for changing stations. I found a driver for the HID portion and reprinted it on my website (because it was on some random Wiki site before, and needs a home) and in fact, am putting together a section of my website for my car project. More on that later. radioSHARK on Linux. Two sentences ago, that was a run-on sentence, and I won't do that again, even though it's 4am, because I'm a better writer than that, see?