December 25th, 2005


The Gathering

1:30: Robbie from SJC. 5:45: Sarah from SPHDS. 9:30: Parents from SJC. Everyone's in the house now, it's full of amazing amounts of kitchen stuff, books, and junk. Now it's full of people, too. Christine's hanging with us today, too, because she didn't want to go home for Christmas. Six for dinner at Denny's at 10:00pm, I had a grilled cheese, an off-menu item that's under $5 and comes with a choice of side dish (onion rings, aww yeah). Then my mom proceeded to have a panic attack, because she'd had a headache all day, took some really strong migraine stuff, then took another, then felt better for half an hour, then felt way worse, feared it was an overdose (in fact, it was a half-full dose, no problem) and freaked out enough that my dad carted her off to the emergency room to chill out. Oy my family. I think Christine thinks were nuts, but then again, with her overbearing dad and that very combative side of the family, she probably appreciates that my family is supportive and lovingly nuts.

All I really care about, though, is that I don't have to take care of the dogs anymore!
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