January 22nd, 2006


Party disasters last night

Last night went with Christine to the AEPi Heaven & Hell party, which was fun for about an hour, but them my friends all took off, it got super crowded, and a bunch of SC locals came to crash the party. Just to make sure that they got in, one of them brought a gun, too. How charming.

Then we went over to a party that Arash, Samara, Anabelle, Anya and Lara were headed to, a cocktail party at the Theta Chi house. We managed to talk our way in despite being way underdressed, and had fun for about an hour. Christine ran into a friend of hers who showed us to the keg. The frat owns it's own 6-way tap with their logo on the top handle. For the next hour, I hung out with Christine while she drank. I wanted to dance, but Christine was really focused on her beer. I nearly fell asleep on the couch when the guy already passed out on the couch got his face sharpied up. So I didn't sleep. The girls there were really drunk and a few slipped into the alcohol muck on the dance floor. Christine and I got in line at the upstairs bathroom, but some girls kept cutting in line like 2-3 at a time and barging in on each other in the bathroom then locking the door. I pulled a picture nail out of the wall and popped the lock on the door, Christine barged in, and had the door slammed back on her. She saw some guy with his pants down. Ok, so we're actually waiting in line for an orgy. Went back to the downstairs bathroom, which had a sink full of vomit and a gnarly floor. Held our noses. Christine kept her heiny off the toilet seat. I used the shower drain to its full extent. Got the hell out of that place. Went back to the Co-Op. Had a fight about whether or not Christine was belligerently drunk. Had a fight about whether or not she was paying more attention to her beer than to me, and that that was OK, and it was my fault for not having a good time, and since I wasn't having a good time, I ruined it for Christine, and we should have stayed at the AEPi party with the locals with guns. Finally kinda worked things out then went to bed at like 4am.

EPC Work

I needed to get homework done this morning, but what with being up till 4am, I slept till 11. Hauled ass to the UTC at 12 for my extra shift helping to set up computers at the new offices for the Educational Partnership Center, EPC. Had fun working. Cool guys there. Took home most of a leftover pizza.

Got off work around 4pm, went over to Peet's, got a free large coffee and sat doing homework for about four hours. Got a bunch done on my CS 112 homework, though not enough. It's going to be a late night on Monday.