November 1st, 2006



I've been put on notice not to brag about the following: I went to a job fair on Oct. 10. I had interviews with six companies from Oct. 16 - 26. I got six offers. I signed one today.

As a result of the awesome engineering coolness that I exuded on for those six interviews (eight because two called me back for a second round), for three-five hours each (yep, even the second rounds were three hours), I was a raging stressball for 10 days. This past weekend, I went to LA to escape it all, visit some old friends, mull over my prospects, and begin turning down the offers that I wasn't taking. Actually, this was the hardest part. I turned down one huge multinational, and that wasn't so bad, because the recruiter had something of a calculated sound of defeat. Then I turned down two small companies. I felt like I'd strangled their beloved pet cat. Which, basically, is what a company of 20 people is. But I kept a positive tone, was professional about it, and thought to myself, "I bet this is going to suck a lot for me when karma says that it's my turn to get turned down for something." I figured I better be amazingly courteous about it to minimize the karmic backlashes.

By the way, if anybody is good at running Linux of small little hackable computers like the Linksys WRT54G, NSLU2 and other little boxes, and likes to spend time on the phone with custom integrated board manufacturers, and wants to work at a small company in Sunnyvale, they are still looking.