October 16th, 2007


Too little too early

Go up this morning well before 7am. That's ok, I do that sometimes. But today I jammed out the door and drove to the Redwood City Caltrain station so that I could catch the 7:45am express train and get to work before 9am. Like, 8:20am. I need my car in Redwood City because I'm shuttling my sister between afternoon schools this afternoon, and that where she'll be.

I love cities in the morning. One of these days I want to ride my bike through San Francisco around dawn.

Too little is because I came uber-early so that I'd be sure not to be late for a 9am product release this morning. Two weeks ago I was super late. This morning the release is happening late. Can I please win at some point!?

In the National Interest

I'm reading In the National Interest, a book that I picked up from the Black Rock City Bookmobile back in August. It was a best seller when it came out in November of 1977 I have the 1977 hardcover - I'll probably update the Amazon entry with a cover photo. The story focuses on a few journalists, the US Secretary of State, shuttle diplomacy between Israel, Syria, Egypt, Jordan and the Palestinians. It's really amazing to see how much has changed since then. I mean, it's like, the reporters use telex machines. I don't even know what those are! Today we have the Internet.

Did I mention that nothing has changed? It's interesting, but so sad, to see that material totally current in 1977 about the Middle East is really still totally current now.