February 8th, 2008


Waiting for Something

being discovered
feeling "ready" to move up
thing is, you're ready when you say you are.
if you go to a nightclub and say, "gee, one day my band should play at your club!"
the club will say, "ok, come back when you're good enough."
if you stay in your garage for years, thinking, "one day the club director will be walking down the street and he'll hear my band practicing in the garage and we'll be good enough and he'll knock on the door and beg us to play at his club!"
well, it might happen
it'd make for a feel-good story
but in real life, you have to market yourself. wake up every morning and say, "today i will tell everyone i am great at what i do."
and if you're not, that's for someone else to decide. it's not your place to cut yourself down.
or hold yourself back.