June 29th, 2008


Pride and the Symphony

Early this morning Alicia got up to help out for an all-day women's group event. I groggily got out of bed to hug her and wish her a good day. Off she went. I put the clothes from the wash last night into the dryer, made some breakfast, then promptly crashed again for few hours.

I made another breakfast, folded the clothes, and put together directions on public transit to get to Sausalito. Easy enough, BART to SF Civic Center, and Golden Gate Transit bus number 10 from 7th & Market.

Ok, but there's a problem, see, with this bus at 7th & Market thing. About two hundred thousand flamboyantly gay people were trying to parade onto the bus, too! Oh pride, how you do fill my pockets with randomly colored condoms.

So now I'm at the Stern Grove, arriving just about halfway into the Rachmananoff piano concerto that Orli Shacham is playing with the San Francisco Symphony. Magnificent piece magnificently played! And shortly into intermission, followed by Tchaikovsky's 4th Symphony :-)

Update: quite apropos for being Pride weekend, Tchaikovsky was gay!. And the symphony was played only just ok, unfortunately.