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First day of ResNet

Today's ResNet hours went well enough. I saw that nobody had much of any method to the madness of figuring out what's keeping a computer off the network. So I wrote a procedure. And then I used it four times, and each time got good answers that allowed me to explain things to the clients and quickly get the right updates onto each computer. Sadly, one poor girl and her mom had to wait over an hour for a full Norton Anti-Virus scan. That sucked. But everyone else I helped was in and out pretty quickly.

Hilarity ensued when one of my co-workers asked if anybody had a pocket knife. My leatherman was in my bag, so I said that I did, and told her it was in the side pocket. She then let out quite a surprised sound when she saw the interesting things I kept in the side pocket of my bag. Heh. Oops. Should probably move that stuff into the inner pouch of the bag... I think she was amused by it all.

The documentation for the ResNet staff is nonexistent and the ResNet website straddles the line between difficult and useless. And the phone and ethernet jacks in College 10 are all RJ-45. Oh the fun someone will have when they get a phone call to their ethernet card. Smokey smokey!


Oct. 2nd, 2005 10:33 am (UTC)
That is an awesome list! Thank you so much, I just woke up at 3:30 with a backache, and hoped for some email to distract me. So thank you for letting me know.

Congrats on party central. Oh, I'm going to be in Monterey Bay on December 11th on a tall ship. Come visit.

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