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What a week

This week has been all kinds of weird. First off, I had a fraudulent charge on my VISA late last week. So I called the bank. They canceled the card and I should be getting a new one this week. But I had to buy books. So I borrowed my mom's card, and am waiting for books to come in the mail now. Then I got my financial aid package. It's good. Really good. I need to finish petitions to stay through Spring, because school's gonna be free this year :-) Then my housemate's sorority sister Christine came to stay at the house because her housing fell through. She's been the total party connection and so like five of us have been going out drinking and partying every night this week. I turned down the party Wednesday night. Other than that, been partying every night. Thursday night I went out drinking with her, and we walked back from downtown totally wasted. I've always wanted to do that!

Classes are going to be alright. I'm not happy about the Econ 2 class size, but it's a lot of the same material and Poli 17. So I'll just synergize and get a rounded understanding of macroeconomics and macroeconomic politics.

Meanwhile, I'm taking a Ling class for the first time in a year and a half, and my brain has absolutely lit back up again. It's going to be a hard class. With tough material. And a five page homework paper every week. And I'm happy. My neurons are telling me something about the subjects I like.

Now, thorniest of all, Chiara. I left things off really weirdly about a week ago. Moving back into the house, cleaning it top to bottom, school starting, parties everywhere and I actually have free time to go to them. It's starting to look like the missed years of college fun I plan on having before I graduate.

So I'm having two thoughts: firstly, that it's been three months with Chiara and she's talking seriousness and that's not what I went into the relationship looking for. Now, I've always said that I'm not afraid of commitment, and indeed I'm not, but in looking at the past few years of nonstop commitments that have defined my college social life, my second thought: I need to be either without commitments this year or with unrestrictive commitments. I need to prioritize my fun above many other things that normally stomp all over the fun things on my todo list.

I haven't spoken to Chiara this week, pending figuring out what I want. Time to call Chiara.
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