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Lambda Phi Epsilon Frat Party

Past dating, so the time is all wrong. Christine invited the house to her big-something-something frat Lambda party. Apparently an asian frat. There were, uh, five of us from the house, and like two other white people. I mused that even my two black housemates were white at this party. It was also a shoes off party. There must have been a hundred pair of shoes in the entryway to the frat house. I joked that everyone here has an asian mom, and a couple of the asian guys laughed, saying, "Yeah, basically."

It was a really nice group, actually. They were totally generous with the alcohol, and finally I wasn't the DD, so I drank and danced my ass off. I also hadn't eaten much. So one glass of wine, two beers and four shots left me utterly tanked. No wait, more alcohol than that. I'm going to hell. A girl was walking around with a bottle of Grey Goose and handed it to me. I chugged Grey Goose from the bottle.

Six of us stuffed into Yohki's car and were totally rowdy (thanks for putting up with us, Yohki! I love you!), when Christine leaned over to fall asleep. Or so I thought. I have this monster drunken hickey now. Gee, thanks Christine. Dorian might have one, too. I'll have to check.

I lead everyone in drinking games to get some water down. Laura wanted to run away with her boy, and Christine insisted that she wasn't that drunk and wanted some more alcohol. Thank goodness I am aware of when I'm smashed and I make sure to not be too stupid. And I drink lots of water before bed. No hangovers or blackouts for me! Yohki was totally awesome and kept the water refilled, and was impressed that I wasn't an overly obnoxious drunk.
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