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Co-Op SUCK day

Today was a SUCK day, specifically for the courtyard and the junk pile in the living room. What a SUCK means is that we SUCK the filth out from everywhere. And throw away the shit. So we started on that, but the energy got really frantic really quickly and myself and Carrie kinda wigged out a little bit. I blew up at Yohki, who was holding a large saw while having an argument with me. I disarmed her knife-fight style and the saw went out the window. Sorta ended the argument, too, since we didn't want to talk what with Yohki feeling weird that I thought she was going to attack me and me not really wanting to deal with it.

Other than that weirdness, lots and lots of shit got cleaned. There was way, way more crap than any of us expected. We figured the suck would be 12-3, maybe 12-4. Try 12-7, with an hour break for lunch. The stuff in the side yard went to Goodwill. The mini fridges went, too. The unsalvagable laundry went. The random shit went in the trash. The mountains of people move-in boxes went into recycling.

The courtyard is actually totally clear now. I cleaned up my tools from around the hot tub, and it'll be done as soon as I can find my hole saws. Stupid tools keep disappearing :-\ Oh, and it needs a good cleaning. Which I ain't doin' this time ;-)

Making dinner now. Made peace with Yokhi. Had a good talk with Laura. Much love in the house again.
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