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This week in Review

Busy busy busy! Monday morning at 9am I was up on campus getting ready to film the first of two student media meetings with the Chancellor. I brought on a converse to a corollary of Murphy's Law, which is that if you're totally prepared to take over for someone, they'll actually show up and you won't be needed. Two cameras, two camera operators. Better than none.

Tuesday I went to the KZSC News class for the first time. Dan, the student instructor, said that he'd be happy to have me in his class if I could get the paperwork done. I went to speak to Michael Bryant, who said that it was impossible to do the paperwork at this time because the Community Studies department wanted all of the field study paperwork in one bundle a week ago. I went to the Community Studies office, they said it would be no problem for me to enroll, just get the paperwork. I went back to Michael Bryant, and he said that he'd spoken to Dan and he said no such thing about being happy to have me in the class. And that it was dilligent of me to speak to Community Studies, but the irregular lecturer appointed to sponsor this course was the one who would not sponsor my entry into the course because I had missed more than one class session. Sure thing, I've missed three: one for work and two for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. Something about Federal, State and University policies requiring that reasonable accomodations be made for religious observance comes to mind.

Yom Kippur services were really nice, and I had a pretty easy fast. Went to Saturn with the Co-Op to break the fast. Ate just a wee bit too much. And a glass of beer. This morning I was pretty much out. Tried to wake up a bunch of times, but it just didn't work out. Oh, and I kept rolling over to find a pretty girl next to me who didn't feel like getting out of bed, either ;-)
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