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Running out of gas

Ran out of gas today. Sputter, sputter, die. Right at the top of the West Entrance to UCSC. Called the Co-Op and got Yohki and Arash to bring me the lawnmower gas can. Just a little bit of two cycle engine oil won't hurt too much... I hope. Got just enough gas in that I could drive down the hill to the gas stations on Mission street. None of which take checks. Drove all the way to the Shell at 41st and Capitola. It's only 4 miles away, but takes 30 minutes with the traffic. Made it there. Got gas. Went to WaMu, got cash.

Called Dad to express my dismay at the situation entirely caused by my lack of debit card. That my parents are holding hostage until I come visit that. That won't happen because every time I email them with a few dates that I have free, they say, "Ok, great. Come this afternoon." Which won't work I'm already busy! While I was searching for gas stations that would take checks, a very nice older black woman at the Rotten Robbie gave me a loving lecture on how I should visit my parents, and how her children are gone and moved out and out of college and on with their lives and she doesn't get to see them enough anymore. Aww. But I want gas! Can't even visit the parents without gas, let alone my uber-busy days!

Killed like two hours, but I survived and now I have clean windshields and gas and cash in my pocket.
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