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3 of 4 ain't bad for advising

I had four things to do for Computer Science advising today: park, substitute Math 160 for 23A, and allow Ling/CS 168 and BME 194 to be CS electives for the minor. I parked and didn't get a ticket, I got the Math substitution, and I got 168 to be an elective. But not BME 194. Which I'm pissed about. That class was a HUGE RIDICULOUS TOO MUCH WORK BITCH. And the teacher was a pain in the butt. I got a C. I did fine. But the eval was freakishly negative. So when the CS Undergrad Advisor read the eval, he was like, "Yeah, umm, I'm inclined not to approve this one." Fuck. See, he had asked me to send him the evals. By cutting and pasting from my student portal login. I copied the whole thing and sent it to him. What I should have done was copy the first paragraph. Oops, forget the rest where the prof ripped me two new assholes. But like a good boy I was honest and sent the whole thing. Including the two new assholes. Bah. So my CS minor is now three courses away instead of two courses away. Not the end of the world, and certainly not as bad as if I had gotten nothing approved for substitution, but still. BME 194. That class ruined me.
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