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Drama People

I haven't thought about this since high school, because for a long time I thought it was just a high school thing, but are there people who, permanently and for life, always need to have drama? For example, I generally need stress. But I abhor drama. So it only makes sense that, if both are optional things, someone out there must love drama. Someone I know said, "We would stick it out, through thick and thin, because that's just what we do." (probably paraphrased). Sure, we can stick it out through thick and thin, but when the drama is always thick and the ice is always thin, what's there to stick through!? It's just drama for the sake of drama as far as I can tell.

I don't like the all-drama, all-the-time lifestyle. It makes me feel shitty all the time. I like having a general clue of what's on someone's mind, and knowing that I won't fuck that up at the drop of a hat. And if I'm tripping, they'll just say so, right to me. Not drama, just life.


Dec. 11th, 2005 04:00 pm (UTC)
Dead on. She had no clue that she caused drama *all the time* and that nearly all of the drama in our house was due to her. If someone else was experiencing some drama, she'd point out how much worse her life was -- nay, she'd challenge you to prove that your troubles were in any way even remotely comparable to how bad her life was. We asked her to leave the house and she's moved out to the boonies now. It's *so much quieter* here!

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