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Will I ever get home?

As usual, a "nice family vacation" has just gone on way, way too long. I had seven homework assignments to do this weekend, and have done 3 of them. Of the remaining four, one in due ASAP, one is due next week, one was due last week, and one is going to require a frantic all-nighter tonight and lots of begging tomorrow to be accepted. I've also got a final exam for econ2 and a take home exam for poli17. This next week is not looking pretty. But it'll be over soon, and I can see the vacation at the end of the tunnel.

Meanwhile, my dad's snoring wakes me up at 7am every day. And the dogs need walking at that hour, too. And I work until about midnight. So the "vacation" part of this vacation has not involved much sleeping. But the hotel beds are really good.

Seeing my brother was, hands down, the highlight of this whole thing. Frankly, I'd not have done it were he not going to be here for two days. Of course, he's smart and refused to travel anyplace outside of a reasonable circle of car travel from San Diego. So when he had to get home to work on his homework, he just declared that it was time to go, we took family pictures, hugged a lot, and he drove off into the sunset. I should do that, too. Make the next family vacation be in Monterey or something.
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