Aaron (sodabrew) wrote,

Shabbat with Sarah

Spent Shabbat with my sister in Palo Alto today. The dogs kept me up a lot of last night and so I didn't really sleep super well. Sarah had a friend over, and this girl got up at like 7am to get ready for 9am shul, which Sarah didn't appreciate, either. So like 9am rolls around, and the girls are ready to go, and I'm in bed, dreading having to get out of bed. The dogs are driving me crazy, too. The girls went to shul, I slept another hour, took the dogs out, Sarah came home to get me, we took the dogs out some more, then went to shul. The lunch turned out to be just a couple of little cakes for kiddush (and this place typically has the smallest kiddushim) so we shopped around for someone to have lunch with. Went there, had lunch, came home, went out again for tea and havdalah, came home. Gotta go drop my sister off at her sleepover party, then find something fun to do tonight!
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