Aaron (sodabrew) wrote,

Noah's Ark.

(22:49:10) sodabrew: but i never have a place to sleep, and i have shit to do all the time. i can't just do nothing for 3 days, ever.
(22:49:27) sodabrew: brb gotta feed a turtle or a chinchilla or something like that.
(22:49:40) letherglov: umm
(22:49:42) letherglov: dude
(22:49:47) letherglov: you should know what it is before you feed it
(22:49:50) letherglov: you might kill it...
(22:49:59) letherglov: and a turtle is a whole fucking different than a chinchilla
(22:50:05) letherglov: actually, chinchillas might eat turtles
(23:01:47) sodabrew: sarah christine and i are watching a movie
(23:01:52) sodabrew: the dogs are on their beds
(23:02:00) sodabrew: the chinchilla is in a rolly cage
(23:02:08) sodabrew: the other chinchilla is in its cage
(23:02:15) sodabrew: and the turtle now has some carrots to eat
(23:02:21) sodabrew: the mice were given away
(23:02:24) sodabrew: the cat got run over
(23:02:30) sodabrew: and we kicked the snake out.
(23:02:34) sodabrew: it's a fucking zoo here.
(23:02:40) sodabrew: we bombed the fleas, too
(23:05:35) sodabrew: the green light lit up on the sensor box...
(23:09:08) letherglov: jesus christ
(23:09:24) letherglov: oh, the green light is on, that's good
(23:09:48) letherglov: sounds like noah's ark
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