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I needed shoes. My last pair of sandals died a horrible roadside death in October and my current pair of trainers is like the walking dead. I've been browsing online at overstock.com and finding some pretty nice shoes for good prices, and filling and refilling my online shopping cart over the past month, waiting to get paid in January and thus buy like $300 in shoes. Dress shoes, trainers, daily walkers, sandals and slippers around the house. So this evening I had plans to book it back to Santa Cruz after dropping my brother off at the airport, but my parents commandeered the mission and headed to Nordstrom's. The back shoe sale racks are what they're all about, and in response to my pleas to head back to Santa Cruz, my mom insisted that not only would I be getting shoes tonight (What do you mean buying shoes online!?) that when I call Christine to apologize for not being with her tonight I should tell her that my parents would be buying her something nice to thank her for spending last week with me and the house and dog sitting and to thank her for letting me spend the night tonight at my parents' house and helping around the house most of tomorrow. And so now I have shoes. But I'm sleeping alone tonight.
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