Aaron (sodabrew) wrote,

Boredom at work

I'm bored to tears at work. Not for lack of things to do, but for lack of interesting things to do. Once in a while I get a pile of too much work, all of it mind-numbingly dull, and that just makes me even more peeved because I'm busy and even less into it.

Interviewed at another place, got positive feedback. A week later, got word that they positively want to hire me. A few days more, and I still haven't seen an offer or even a verbal clue as to what they want to pay me, benefits, stock options, nada.

At work I started talking to my boss about moving to another position. He was receptive of it, and sort of gave me a project to prove myself over to development. I wanted to hurl. I don't need to prove my whiz-bang coding, I need to use it! I'm going to toss my resume over to another group pre-emptively and ask to interview with them; keep the doors open and the relationships building. While looking for someplace less painful to work.
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